building tailoring

The concept of building tailoring refers to the quality of living:
thinking, designing and building customised environments is our aim.
And this design research guides our work,
whether it is to be developed for a specific intervention or for the design of an entire house.

So there is a close relationship between us, those we work for and the places we create:
The inhabited space is like a dress that is lived instead of being just worn.

House Barrique

A Mont Blanc-loving sommelier’s tailor-made flat in Pré Saint Didier

House Pop-Alp

Alpine pop: in the centre of Courmayeur, a flat designed like a chalet with a pop soul

House Elio

The domestic warmth of an alpine house in the hamlet of Verrand, in the well-known Valle d’Aosta spa town of Pré Saint Didier, as told through the textures of wood.

House le Betulle

In the centre of Courmayeur, an alpine flat reworked according to the archetype of the modern and elegantly sober chalet. Combining wood, stone and corten with the minimalist taste of those who live it

Baguette and Bubbles

The sparkling warmth of a venue in Aosta where larch, cement and red lacquer toast to pleasure


In Courmayeur, the G&B shop, the restyling of one of Italy’s leading fashion retailers